A Girl in a Classroom

over 70% of students that use our book score higher than the statewide FSA exam Average


India W.
District Curriculum Specialist

I've used these books for years and the bottom line is - THEY WORK! 

My students always comprehended and scored higher with their addition to the curriculum.

Camille N.
4th Grade
Math Instructor

I love your books.  They are right on point and perfectly aligned with Florida Standards.  They increase my student's comprehension and learning.

Annila B.
6th Grade
Math Instructor

I have been using these books for years. Every year my students score the highest FSA scores in the county.

Dave A.
High School

I've been using your books for over 10 years and they are just the best. They match the standards and specifications perfectly.

Specifically built to florida standards

by florida educators for our students and teachers