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For 27 years Barbara Nunn taught all levels of high school mathematics at Stoneman Douglas, Coral Springs, Taravella and Miami Senior High Schools. For six years Ms. Nunn was the Broward County Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Specialist.

Two schools have recognized Ms. Nunn as their Teacher of the Year and she has been a finalist for the Broward County Teacher of the Year.  In 1999 she was the named the FCTM Mathematics Educator of the Year.  FAMAT has named a test after her, “The Barbara Nunn Test”, in recognition of her service and dedication to the organization.  Three times she has been recognized as a Florida Awardee in the Presidential Award Program for Excellence in Science and Mathematical Teaching. Ms. Nunn earned her BA in Mathematics from the University of Florida and MA in Educational Research from the University of Miami.

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Grade 8 and Algebra 1

Terje has a PhD in Pure Mathematics from Kent State University in Ohio.  She has taught mathematics for over 15 years.  Dr. Hill has received several awards including Excellence in Undergraduate Advising award and MAA Florida Section Award for Distinguished University Teaching of Mathematics.

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Mindy Hendrix

Grade 2

As a mathematics educator in Escambia County, Florida, Mindy has been involved in the field since 2012. She has been a part of the District Mathematics Team since 2019. Mindy has developed instructional resources, developed district-wide common assessments, and facilitated standards-based professional development, including being a facilitator for DOE BEST Math Professional Learning Events.



Grades 6-8 Science and Biology

A National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certified teacher, Mrs. Combs, received a B. S. in Biological Sciences from Marshall University and a Master of Education degree from the University of North Florida.  In addition to many years of teaching in Broward County, Mrs. Combs has served many years on school improvement committees and as the chairman of three of these School Advisory Committees; she has served on state teacher testing, curriculum, Science textbook, and software committees. She has served as a clinical educator for the Professional Orientation Program and a Directing Teacher for Intern Teachers.

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Jennifer Davis

Grade 2, 5 and 7

Jennifer has been involved in mathematics instruction for 8 years, teaching in Maryland, California, and Florida. She received her undergraduate degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and her graduate degree in Curriculum and Supervision from Pennsylvania State University. For the past 2 years, she has been a K-12 Teacher on Special Assignment in Escambia County, Florida, working primarily with middle school mathematics teachers, students, and curriculum. In this role, Jennifer has developed instructional resources, designed district-wide common assessments, and facilitated professional development aligned with standards-based instruction, including the use of manipulatives in the middle school classroom.  Jennifer has also been actively involved in professional organizations at the national and state levels.

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Grades 6-8 Science

Cynthia was a Broward County Middle School Science teacher for 36 years.  As a district secondary science trainer, she developed and conducted workshops for science teachers on Inquiry Based science, Unpacking the Science Benchmarks as well as content-based workshops in Biology, Physical Science and Earth Science. As a teacher educator for a science equipment and technology company Cynthia conducted trainings for elementary, middle and high school science teachers incorporating content knowledge, technological skills, and pedagogical strategies. She has served on numerous committees both at the state level and at the district level correlating science curriculum to the Florida science standards and comprehensive assessment test.

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Katherine H. Miller has been teaching mathematics for 15 years in New Jersey.  She received her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University and her Master of Education degree from Rutgers University Graduate School of Education. Katherine has developed instructional resources, designed district-wide common assessments, and facilitated professional development aligned with standards-based instruction for Grade 8 Math, Geometry, Algebra I and Algebra II.

Sharon G Photo.png


Grades 3-4

Sharon Greenwald was an elementary teacher instructing grades K-5 in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Florida. After 27 years in the classroom, she became an Elementary Mathematics District Trainer in Broward County, Florida. For 13 years, Sharon designed and conducted manipulative-based workshops integrating national and state standards for teachers in the nation’s sixth largest school district.  Additionally, she developed and facilitated numerous online mathematics courses for elementary teachers in Broward County Public Schools.  Sharon has presented hands-on sessions at national, state and local conferences and served on several Florida Department of Education committees responsible for reviewing and aligning items for Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test.

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Grade 8 and Algebra 1

Ellen has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education. In addition to her 20 years teaching mathematics in Palm Beach County, Florida, she has been an active member of her local and state mathematics council.  At the district level, she has assisted in the development of district-wide mathematics assessments for both middle and high school mathematics courses. These experiences expanded her involvement to a state-level test item review for the standardized state-wide assessment, to providing Common Core content trainings across Florida.

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Grade 6

Christina is a K-8 teacher of 17 years. Christina has an advanced degree in Masters of Education for Educational Technology.  For the past 5 years, she has served as a kindergarten through twelfth grade Mathematics Coach in Saint Lucie County, Florida serving in a district and school based capacity. 
Christina served on state Department of Education committees that reviewed and aligned items for Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test.

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Grade 8 and Algebra 1

Meredith has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin.  She has tutored and taught mathematics for over 15 years.  Meredith was a Project NEXT Fellow with the Mathematical Association of America and has developed new courses.

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